The rules for submitting works to the 34th International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences are as follows:



  1. The work presented to the Congress may be in the form of lectures, papers or posters.
  2. The work must be original and unedited, and relate to the themes of the 34th Congress, which are: “Social Structures and their Manifestation Through Genealogy and Heraldry”. Works that have already been presented at other conferences or have already been published will not be accepted.


  1. Anybody who wishes to present a paper or poster should inform the Organising Committee in writing before the 31st October 2020. This can be done by conventional mail or by email addressed to:
  2. The official languages of the Conference are Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. Works may therefore be presented in any of those languages.
  3. The letter or email should contain a brief curriculum vitae, of no more than 100 words, as well as the full name of the author, their professional category or rank, the institution they work for, full postal and email addresses, contact telephone number, and a summary of their work, again no longer than 100 words, including the title.
  4. The speakers will be selected by the Organising Committee of the Congress, taking into account the opinion of the Scientific Committee. Likewise, it will be the Organising Committee of the Congress, taking into account the opinion of the Scientific Committee, that decides whether or not to accept papers and posters from the various authors.
  5. The works will be assessed individually and in accordance with the suitability criteria of the 34th Congress, as well as on their originality and scientific value.
  6. The Organising Committee cannot promise to return works that have not been requested, and reserves the right to accept or reject works received.
  7. The Organising Committee shall respond to the author of the work as soon as possible and, in any case, before 30th Nov 2020, if their work has been accepted.


  1. The acceptance of a piece of work means that the author agrees to its publication in the proceedings of the Congress, and accepts that the copyrights, regarding the exploitation rights, are transferred automatically to the Royal Association of Spanish Nobility (Real Asociación de Hidalgos de España).
  2. Once the works are accepted, it is compulsory to present a trilingual summary: in Spanish, English and French, of 150-200 words each. Furthermore, the title should be in all three languages. The summary in each of the three languages should be followed by a maximum of 10 key words.
  3. The authors may not disseminate the work before they are published in the Congress Proceedings.
  4. For the purposes of publishing the proceedings of the Congress, the originals should be sent before the March 31, 2022, in electronic format, compatible with PC and in text format, double-spaced and printed on one side only, with font size 12, and they should not exceed 20 pages – 25 including graphics; any maps, slides and photographs should have a minimum size of 1300 pixels wide and 300 DPI, and be of the best possible quality, preferably in JPG format.
  5. Figures, tables and images should be sent in a separate file from the main body of the work, and not included in the text.
  6. In the text, any capital letters that need an accent should have them, years should not contain punctuation (eg. 2019, rather than 2,019 or 2.019), Latin terms (such as et al or in situ) and quoted text should be in italics. Titles of different sections of the work should be in small caps. Do not use bold.
  7. Notes should be placed at the foot of the page, single spaced, and in font size 10, and should be presented in the traditional format used in the historical sciences. When citing journal articles, conference proceedings, collective works, etc., the reference should contain: author (surname in small caps and first name in lower case), the title of the article (in inverted commas), the name of the journal (in italics), with the volume number and year (in brackets) followed by the words cited.
  8. When citing a book, the author’s name should be given (surname in capital letters and first name in lower case), along with the title of the book in italics, the place it was published, the year of publications and the pages cited.
  9. It is not necessary to include a bibliography at the end of the piece.
  10. Any documentary references must have the full name of the file cited, with its initials in brackets, and any subsequent references in which it is quoted should only give those initials, as well as its section, docket, volume, etc., depending on the classification of the file.
  11. The author must cite the source of all graphic documentation, of whatever type, if it is not their own work. The Organising Committee shall not accept any liability that may arise from any breach of intellectual and commercial property rights.
  12. Once the version to be published has been received, so, before the 31, August 2021, the Scientific Committee will correct the drafts of all of the pieces of work for publication and shall then send them to the authors so that they can return them, corrected, within a set deadline. If the deadline is not met, the corrections shall not be accepted.
  13. Each author will have the right to receive a copy of the Congress Proceedings in which their work is featured.
  14. The Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee of the 34th Congress of Genealogy and Heraldic Sciences states that the opinions given by authors in the works published are exclusively an expression of the author’s own thoughts, and their publication does not indicate that those committees share those views. It therefore does not accept any responsibility for any claims that may be made in the works published.
  15. By presenting works for the 34th Congress, authors expressly transfer their personal data, and for this it is compulsory to accept and sign the document annexed to the registration form.

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